Support Project

An integrated support center for childhood cancer to help patients to prepare for a hopeful future

Health Counseling for Survivors

A medical team specializing in pediatric oncology provides a regular consultation to pediatric cancer survivors on all aspects of health care

01 Specialized Consultation

Language therapy, art therapy, cognitive therapy, and play therapy are provided to patients who have experienced or are undergoing treatment for childhood cancer.

02 Health Camp

03 Development of Integrated Support Center

Development of integrated support center through exchange and cooperation with domestic and foreign professional organizations

The integrated support center for childhood cancer provides health, education, welfare and self-reliance support for a lifetime

Heemang-Dami Wellness Center

01 Integrated support for children with cancer

- Support wellness program (health/education/culture/welfare)

- Counseling and treatment center (language/art/music counseling/horticultural treatment)

- A group meeting of survivors (Enhanced Survivorship)

- Hospital Outreach

02 Health Camp

03 Development of Integrated Support Center

- Network and public relations activities

- Resource linkage

Self-reliance Support Project for Childhood Cancer Survivors

- Provide workplace-based learning experience and social and economic enterprises such as cooperatives and social ventures for childhood cancer survivors.

- Career training (career exploration, job experience, mentoring, internships, customized career coaching, Career Workshop)

- A program for planning and start-ups

- Start-ups incubating

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