Sponsorships are used to help children with childhood cancer study again, meet friends, dream, and restore their daily lives
Sponsored Inquiry

Corporate sponsorship


Personal Sponsorship


Customized Corporate Sponsorship

The association forms partnerships with companies and conducts customized sponsorships

01 Corporate Naming Sponsor

Collaborate on projects suitable for corporate social contribution values and the needs of pediatric cancer families.

02 Online/Offline Joint Campaign

Campaigns linked to corporate marketing are possible. Collaborate with media companies and online portals to carry out social contribution campaigns.

03 Charity Product

You can jointly create a 'good product' that contributes part of your product's sales.

04 Contributions and volunteer work for blood donation

Collect valuable blood donations and deliver them to children with cancer. You can volunteer for education and culture programs for children with cancer.

05 Employee Matching Grant

Employees donate part of their paychecks, and companies sponsor matching to support children with childhood cancer.

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주소 (03991) 서울시 마포구 연남로1길 80 한국백혈병소아암협회 

대표자 이중명 고유번호 107-82-06859 

전화 1544-1415 팩스 02-3141-5368 이메일


후원문의 : 개인 070-4659-1101, 기업 070-4659-1102

치료비 지원문의: 070-4659-1100

기타문의: 1544-1415