Support Project

We support learning and growth to take a step further into the world

01 Educational Textbook Support Project

- Support for various learning materials and textbooks for children with cancer and their siblings.

02 Childhood and Youth Education Support Project

- University Education Support Project_ MOUs with 12 universities across the country and entitles those who have experienced childhood cancer to apply for special screening.
- Scholarship Support_ Provides scholarships and education for pediatric cancer experienced survivors and their family members

03 Daily Recovery Support Project

- Support various cultural and artistic programs for children with cancer and their families, including an art contest and watching soccer matches.

사단법인 한국백혈병소아암협회

주소 (03991) 서울시 마포구 연남로1길 80 한국백혈병소아암협회 

대표자 이중명 고유번호 107-82-06859 

전화 1544-1415 팩스 02-3141-5368 이메일


후원문의 : 개인 070-4659-1101, 기업 070-4659-1102

치료비 지원문의: 070-4659-1100

기타문의: 1544-1415