Support Project

We help survivors who have overcome the tough treatment so that they can stand up for themselves through the experience

01 Gathering of the survivors_ Junior Angels, Youth Angels*

- Working in a Junior Angels and a Youth Angels, survivors established their identity through the community and participated in activities to improve childhood cancer awareness. 

*’Angels’ is a division of childhood cancer survivors

02 Domestic and foreign network projects 

- Continue exchanges and joint activities with related agencies such as Korea Federation of Childhood Cancer Parents Organization (KFCCPO), organizations for blood-related rare diseases, and childhood cancer supporters 

- Participating in worldwide survivor exchange programs with domestic pediatric cancer survivors as representatives of Childhood Cancer International (CCI)

03 Providing play booths to a hospital

Survivors go to a hospital and run an amusement booth for children with childhood cancer.

사단법인 한국백혈병소아암협회

주소 (03991) 서울시 마포구 연남로1길 80 한국백혈병소아암협회 

대표자 이중명 고유번호 107-82-06859 

전화 1544-1415 팩스 02-3141-5368 이메일


후원문의 : 개인 070-4659-1101, 기업 070-4659-1102

치료비 지원문의: 070-4659-1100

기타문의: 1544-1415